May 15, 2011

Garden Update

The rain let up for a little while yesterday.  I am so glad we took advantage of the day and made it out to the garden for a few hours.  We planted our potatoes, a few red and green cabbage, some peppers, the broccoli and cauliflower starts, and spread last year's garden around in the form of compost.  We had some plans for today, if it didn't rain.  But, it did, so we did our gardening indoors.  We've got some squash, corn, peppers, and a few other things set to germinate.  Hopefully they will make it outside in a few weeks.

The garden is full of bird life right now.  We saw the usual Killdear, squawking at us and doing the little broken wing dance, to keep us from the neighboring nest. This year there are lots of little yellow finches out there.  I haven't noticed them before.  It was difficult getting a good picture because most of the flowers out there right now are the same bright yellow as the birds.  I think one day, I'll have to just sit in the path very quiet with the camera to get a good shot of them, they're really quick.  We also saw some ducks wandering around.  We've seen them nest out there before.  They'll be gone when all the other gardeners start showing up.  The little black birds were very happy we opened up our compost box and spread it around.  There were some very fat, long worms in the compost.  Those birds starting shopping around right next to us.  They weren't even waiting for us to leave.

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