July 15, 2012

Plant Based Cooking Class

I am so pleased at the interest in the first plant based cooking class I taught in Longview.  Twenty four guests enjoyed a two hour plant based cooking demonstration and participated in some great discussion. It went really well.  I enjoyed doing it and during the preparation work I had many fond memories of cooking for folks back in California when the kids were small.  All the organization work paid off, nothing was left out, and with the help of some great friends, everything went very smooth. The only thing I forgot were my notes I'd been compiling for the last two weeks before the class.  But with veggies, knife, and food processor in hand, I just did what I love to do and everything worked. The folks at Country Village were pleased and it looks like we get to do it again. The next class will be in August and I've got some nice menu ideas rolling around my head.

We made a vegan and gluten free chocolate cake with vegan buttercream frosting, Cilantro Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms, Raw Pasta Puttanesca, and I brought some vegan mac & cheese along.  I only had two hours so I couldn't fit it all in, but the mac & cheese is such an easy and good dish for beginning vegan cooks, I couldn't leave it out.  I also brought some savory pepitos to have on the tables for munchies while the students waited for the tasting.

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