April 10, 2011

Weekend Ramblings

Nice weekend. The weather could have been better, but it was good enough for my husband to get out into the garden and do some weeding.  I guess I did have some lettuce out there, but the slugs thought it was delicious.  I do remember having a bit of a slug problem last year. We'll take care of that.  I do hope this blog does become more about gardening soon, I am getting anxious.

Our artichokes are coming back, all of them.  I was a little leery about them coming back, but I went and looked at the master gardener's artichokes at the fairgrounds.  Theirs looked as bad as mine did, that gave me some hope.

I attended a spiritual, meditation, workshop this weekend.  It was a very relaxing and educational day.  Met a few women who are working through challenging times in their lives. I am pretty sure I just opened up a new channel of support in my little word. I met a local composer, Tami Tack, who shared her wonderful music with us. Small world event, she is the sister of someone my husband knew as a child.  I left with some new personal tools and a very relaxed, but energized feeling. I did manage to find six more people interested in attending our next potluck.  That's scheduled for May 20th, by the way.  I'll get a flyer posted soon.

Kerycia and Randy got married Friday night.  Seems pretty weird, I see Kerycia's pictures on Facebook and I still see a little girl in a pretty little dress getting ready for church.  I've known her since she was a baby.  It feels like one of my own children just got married. Seems like there's a line up of weddings to attend in the next couple of years.  The babies we raised are getting married now.  The wedding was very warm and sweet.  Not too big, but big enough and it had all the elements a girl could want at her wedding.  Rhonda and Lupe were both glowing.  The whole family was glowing actually.  It was pretty cool to see all Rhonda's children grown up and being gracious hosts at their sister's wedding.  Rhonda should be very proud her parenting.  I've seen her children, being siblings, wanting to tear each others hair out at times, but Friday night, there was nothing but love in all of their eyes.

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