January 26, 2010


Up before the sun as usual and praying my attitude stays positive. My favorite week at work, the last week of the month and most is wrapping up the month and preparing for the crunch of month end and preparing the financial reports.

I need to start my exercise regularly. I was on such a good run with a personal goal of 300 minutes a week last year. I reached that goal a couple of times, averaging about 240 minutes a week. I lost 30 lb, but broke my ankle and that interrupted the nice roll I was on. Haven't gained any weight, even over the holidays, but haven't lost any either. That is due to the fact that I eat a 90% plant based diet. I let breaking my ankle be the excuse for not keeping it up. Well, the ankle is healing and there is no excuse. It worked nicely last year tracking my exercise minutes, I will try that again. My favorite is swimming, but the high school pool changed hours so it is inconvenient for me. I am thinking of checking out the Y. I know it's expensive, but swimming I WILL do. I do know that if it helps nothing else, exercise does help maintain a good attitude within.

My husband and I are working very hard at communication and sharing our hearts. We learned so very much about some of these things this year and how important they are.

" Love that does not renew itself every day becomes a habit and in turn a slavery"

Kahlil Gibran

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  1. Did you hear that? No! Of course you didn't. When Cyberspace sucks you in, there's no sound whatsoever. **smiles**

    Well Met, fellow blogger!