March 24, 2011

Signs of Life ~ Garden 2011

Baby Artichokes

It's almost time to get outdoors a little more often and work in the garden.  I am anxious to get started.   We had a short break in the rain yesterday and it's been quiet at work.  I took the opportunity to do a little work outdoors yesterday.  I planted a few more snap peas, some lettuce, and some kale.  I planted some peas in February but haven't seen much action.  We had a very cold snow storm which probably slowed what growth was going on.  There are some signs of life out there though. The herbs are waking up, onions and garlic are standing up straight. I see radishes popping their first leaves out and I saw some signs of life out of the base of the artichokes.  They worried me a little.  It was hard for me to imagine those black dead stalks had any life left in them.


Snap Pea




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