June 24, 2010

What a day, glorious! By Ma Muse

I found these beautiful musicians via a friend of mine from Santa Cruz.  These women are riding bicycles from Shasta to BC this summer sharing their music along the way.  Hoping to catch their music in Portland.

MaMuse: (Ma as in Mamma; Muse as in the one who inspires) "Beautiful Harmonies woven into a tapestry of strings and stillness."

    The songs of MaMuse are love poems to the Earth. They also speak to the depths of one's own inner terrain.   MaMusic stirs the heart through deep soul felt lyrics and sparse supportive instrumentation. Sarah and Karisha together create original music that breathes. Tight vocal harmonies ring out a Capella or blend with upright bass, mandolin, guitar, flute, light percussion and finger snaps to deliver the gift of  joyful truth telling.
    The encouragement and support of their hometown Chico, California community (MaMuse has received awards two years in a row from local voting music enthusiasts for Best New Act, Best Folk Act and Best Local Act) has provided the strength for the "rootsy female wonder duo" of MaMuse to make her way out into the world, touring regions across the country as well as establishing a strong presence through the Bay Area and Northern California. 
    Celebrating her second year of Being and sharing, MaMuse delights in this year's 2010 Spring and Summer invitations: Chico Bicycle Music Festival, Davis Whole Earth Festival, California World Music Festival, Esalen International Arts Festival, Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival, Mystic Family Garden Party and the American River Music Festival. 
   Beginning July 31st, MaMuse will set out with a small support of friends to promote their second full-length album Strange and Wonderful. The tour will begin in Shasta, CA and meander northward through Oregon and Washington. In Seattle, MaMuse will continue their adventurous Northwest tour by bicycle, ferrying across the Puget Sound and sharing their music through the San Juan Islands. Bicylces support the journey for MaMuse whenever possible, as they have pedaled their bodies and instruments from their homes in Chico to the World Music Festival (Grass Valley, CA), the Whole Earth Festival (Davis, CA) and the Bicycle Music Festival (San Francisco, CA). 
    The essence of MaMuse is rooted in the transparency of a journey shared by two women who feel a lot and dare to express their experiences through song and story. "As a community we are all strengthened when even one of us discovers his or her voice and dares to share. We dare you to sing with us. We dare you to discover your own song." (Karisha)   
"MaMuse is what a meadow would sound like if she could sing." She can be found singing on the inter web meadow at :
 MaMuse has released two albums to date: 2008 debut album, All the Way and May 2010 new born, Strange and Wonderful. Both are available for purchase online through her website or Cd Baby. 
"Oh what a day, GLorious!"

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