October 24, 2010

Green Tomato Bread

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, I don't have to ask if you had any green tomatoes in your garden this year. I pulled some of the tired tomato plants the other day and brought home a box of red and a box of green tomatoes.  Some of the green ones will ripen, some of them I'll use now.  I googled green tomato recipes and found a few I wanted to work with.  I made two of the bread recipes yesterday, they are both very good. 

They're both called Green Tomato Bread.  Of course I made some changes, I made them both dairy free. One is made with green tomato puree, and molassest.  I used date sugar instead of brown sugar, wild flower honey, grape seed oil, egg replacer instead of the eggs, and roasted pecans instead of walnuts.  It's a dense bread, almost a cake. This one is vegetarian because I used the honey, but if you use agave it is a vegan bread.

The second one, by the Southern Chef in Louisiana, came out a little more light and bread like. This recipe called for two cups of sugar, too much for me, I used 1 cup of agave instead. Other changes I made were: egg replacer instead of eggs, applesauce instead of oil and roasted pecans and cashews.

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