October 8, 2010

Luna and Friends

Remember the cat? Cat Dilemma

Well, he's been hanging around more often and we've even given him a name.  My granddaughter named him Luna.  I think he's in cahoots with the raccoons I was worried would harm him.  We have a very nice canyon behind our house.  It's not visited much by humans so the wildlife there thrives.  I've seen the raccoons for years, but have never had an encounter with them.  I have always heard that we shouldn't leave cat food out on the deck as the raccoons love it and will be by to visit.  I thought that it would be OK to feed Luna and then take the bowl inside.  I found out that wasn't a good idea the hard way.

Sitting on my porch having a cup of coffee very early in the morning before sunrise I heard some very loud chewing, much different than the cat.  I turned on the light to find two very large raccoons enjoying the cat food.  My being there didn't bother them at all, they just looked at me and kept on eating.  It took a few minutes to shew them away, the light didn't bother them either. I even saw one of them sneak back up the stairs and peak in to see if maybe I had left and left that bowl of tasty cat food.

Two days later, I gave the cat some food thinking I will just wait until he is finished and bring the bowl in.  I forgot my coffee cup and came inside just to get it.  I couldn't have been inside but 30 or 40 seconds.  I came outside and sat down to wait for the cat to finish eating.  Shoot, I heard some strange growling.  Those raccoons actually pushed him out of the way and proceeded to eat.  They were about two feet from my feet.  I slowly went inside turning on the light and trying to shew them away.  They took their sweet time.  So long, we were able to get a couple photos.  They aren't the greatest photos, but you can see how large these guys are.  I will feed the cat inside from now on.  I now turn on the light before going on the deck. My husband also takes a flashlight to the compost pile at night.

Now, this being a street cat who adopted us, I think he's getting fed at more than one house on the block.  He's probably showing these large, cute, but dangerous rascals where the food is.  They're not going to hurt him, he's doing them a favor. 

Raccoon's shopping

Leaving on his or her own time.

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  1. beautiful cat!! Watch my blog for a new member of our family! We had a change of plans with the boxer girl we were getting and have found a new dog who needed a home. His name is going to be Jack and he will be here within the hour. My daughter is ecstatic!