October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Kind of Day

We were all happy to be out in the sunshine at the pumpkin patch.  The goat seemed especially pleased.

We wandered out to Willow Grove Gardens with Kaylee yesterday.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon, the sun was shining, and it was kind of warm.  We didn't need to wear a sweater out to the farm.  We just wandered around and looked at animals.  Kaylee got to pet and hold some.  There is a Dri out there, a female Yak, and her baby.  It was fun to hear the children react as they came out of the barn and noticed an animal they had not seen before.  I heard "there's a bull like animal out here mom" a couple of times.  Or, "there's a big hairy bull out here mom." A Yak is not an animal we saw much of growing up. 

There is a baby yak and a momma.  Apparently the momma is very protective of  her baby and it was about the time we showed up that the baby had escaped it's pen and was running all over the place.  We could tell this baby was happy to be out of the pen, it just ran and ran and ran.  The Dri was very agitated that her baby was out with all the strangers.  The farm was pretty busy with families out enjoying the day and looking for that perfect pumpkin.  She rammed the fence a couple times while we tried to take photos. We watched as Mike, Rhonda, and Ruth worked to get the baby Yak back in the pen. That baby was happy to be running about and wasn't coming easily. It was a bit exciting.

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