February 12, 2010

It could be Worse

I awoke to find my basil and artichokes seedlings poking their first leaves out, excited to begin some more seedlings today, happy to have someone to greet and look forward to spending time with, I get to go to work, and I'm truly grateful for the day. No matter how bad things seem, I know inside that I am loved and life is pretty good, it could be worse.

Shortly after waking I found out my dear friend's 16 year old son tried to kill himself yesterday. He was sad over a girl and ate quite a few handfuls of pills. She spent the whole night in the emergency room watching her baby in pain. He's going to be ok, but she just went through one of the worst nights a mother could experience. I have learned the pain a mother can endure this year and thought of nothing else but her today.

Yes, life could be worse!

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