February 7, 2010

Rule 62 - Don't Take Life Too Seriously

I accomplished many of the things I wanted to do this weekend. I got my food preparation done for our meals this week. My garden is underway, I have two trays of artichoke seeds germinating in the basement, there was a row open so I also put some lemon basil seeds in also. I also put a small set of seeds germinating in the kitchen, some lemon basil, mint, cilantro, and catnip. I have some little seedling warming mats to keep them warm while germinating. I was very lucky to run into one of my favorite farmer's market farmers yesterday and he gave me one of his secrets to successful germination. This is the first time I am attempting to start my garden this early, I appreciate any help I receive. He said to cover the trays with plastic wrap and don't water again until they begin to sprout. This way they aren't watered too much and they shouldn't dry out.

I also planted some bulbs, Ranunculus and Tigridia. I haven't seen too many Ranunculus growing around the area, but then I sometimes get them mixed up with dahlias. I did have them in my homes in California, I like them a lot. I hope they come up. I also put some bulbs in large pots so I can transplant into our garden when it comes time to plant outdoors. We have this vision of our garden perimeter outlined with colorful flowers this year.

It was such a beautiful day today, we made sure to get some "outside time." It was almost like a spring day in February. I planted my bulbs and my husband cleared some of the dead foliage to make room for all the new growth. I spotted some today too, lots of little green plants starting to wake up from the winter.


I even felt some warmth outside. While working the flower bed I even took off my sweatshirt and worked in a tank top. It didn't last very long, but the natural warmth felt good while it was there.

I took a hike around through our yard and canyon. I stay inside so much during the winter and get busy with life, I forget about our beautiful little forest in our own yard. We always have a little reunion each year. Right outside in my yard is such beauty. I remember telling the realtor when we bought our house that I wanted rural or the "illusion of." She did a very good job with the illusion. We are very close to town, yet we feel like we are secluded.

One of my most favorite plants in the yard, I call the "antler plant" takes on at least three distinct personalities, a unique one each season. In the springtime it's very green with beautiful pink flowers. In the fall it changes to many colors of reds and oranges and looks like a ball of flames. It is quite beautiful in the fall, I can't walk by it without noticing. Then, as it is now, in the winter, it looks like the molting antlers of a deer or an elk. I couldn't find a springtime picture, but I will remember to save one where I can find it this spring.


So, what's my title about? Rule 62? Don't take life too seriously?

It is sad my son is where he is right now, but I finally managed to find something to laugh about. When we go to visit, we sit with other families in the same room and everyone is playing board games, talking, reading, laughing, eating snacks together. There's a play area for small children. It's very strange as it does seem like we are in a room full of warm, nice people. We probably all are in our ways. But, family game day under armed guard, it's a very strange thing to experience. We are not supposed to talk to each other, the stangers and I, but it is hard not to. I've met some nice women there doing the same thing there that I am, visiting their children.

There is an inmate that makes a couple of bucks taking photos of folks for $1.75. It seemed kind of silly to me, at first, to pose in front of a fake waterfall and make a family pose, smiles and all. I guess the children aren't completely aware this is not a happy situation, it's really a fun idea, I guess, especially if your loved one is incarcerated for a lengthy sentence. I guess we'd bring a camera in, if we could. And it's another way to pass the time in an uncomfortable situation.

So, when it was our turn, I thought, "let's pose as we would if we were hiking and noticed this lovely waterfall." So, we all turned our backs to the camera and looked at the waterfall in the woods. The guy taking the picture thought it was weird and I assured him it was also weird being where we were, he agreed. I must admit, I am a sick pup for thinking this would be fun. Well, we got the photo yesterday and my son likes it, I think it's the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. What's the clue that tells you this picture isn't real? It's not the fact that we looked superimposed or digitally planted in the photo. Not the fact that my son doesn't usually wear Orange. The clue is: If we were on a hike and taking notice of this beautiful site, my husband would have a camera in his hand and wouldn't have a free hand to point. I hope I still look at this later on and can get the smile I get right now. Guess there are times I can find the joy and not take life so seriously.


Just another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest

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