February 26, 2010

Non Roast Pot Roast

Wednesday night while working out on my elliptical machine I was watching the Food Network and they were having a chicken pot pie cook off. I got to feeling very hungry and it was looking really good. I don't want chicken, but I was craving some of that warm, comforting food. I started thinking about what I had that would make a nice warm meal for that evening. I made something similar to pot roast without the roast for dinner. I thought it very simple and almost anyone who would read a recipe online probably knows how to make it. My husband said it's a perfect transition food and some folks who don't know what to eat if they don't eat meat might want to know about it. He said it's the best parts of the pot roast without the meat. It would a satisfy a meat craving. He thought I should share it.

All I did was chop up an onion, some carrots, celery, and potatoes. I sauteed the onions in sage oil, (thanks for the that tip Morgaine), mixed with some coconut oil. I added the carrots and celery and the potatoes last. I seasoned with sea salt and pepper, some rosemary, crushed dried sage, and a little dried basil. I crush my dried herbs in a coffee grinder I have just for that purpose. After the vegetables were browned and almost tender I added about a half cup of black bean flakes and a cup of water. I covered it and let it steam for about five minutes until the beans and water become a nice brown gravy. I didn't cook it so long as to make the vegetables soft, they were firm and still full of flavor. It was a warm, hearty meal for a rainy night.

Some of the best meals are the most simple.

Now, I am off to water my garden babies and turn on their sunshine. I get to work with them this weekend. Happy Friday!

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