February 27, 2010

Saturday morning is mine for awhile.

For many years I have made Saturday morning a full errand day. Up early starting the meals by soaking beans, reviewing the fruit and vegetable inventory and recipes for my grocery list, cleaning whatever needs cleaned, starting the laundry, going to a volunteer commitment for an hour or so, farmer's market, grocery store, health foods store, fuel the car, if needed, and then home to put it all away and begin the rest of the household duties. I am usually home by about 1 or 2 p.m. a bit tired and hungry. A few years ago I also fit in a Weight Watcher's meeting.

I have a good time doing these things, farmer's market is my favorite. It's a social event for me too as I know all the farmer's, vendors, many of the patrons. I not only get my produce, but chat, listen to music, learn about gardening and new, interesting vegetables I haven't tried yet. I exchange recipe and gardening ideas, and get some fresh air. I am often tired very early in the day on Saturday and sometimes forget to eat lunch because I get too busy. That can be dangerous, mostly to my husband. We call it the "past feed mom time." Well, I had another DUH moment a couple months ago, I can just stay home and do the shopping later. After all, all I need is a produce stand.

So, I have been staying home on Saturday mornings, enjoying my peaceful haven. That is one of the reasons I go to work isn't it? To have a warm, peaceful, loving place to just be.

Since my last year of weekly and daily emotional turmoil, life took on many changes. I couldn't see it in all the fog of the anger and fear, but many of those changes were good. We spend much more time together, my husband and I. We're working as a team more than ever before. I don't go out to as many separate social gatherings as I was, I cut out much of the volunteer work I was doing at the time. I had a volunteer commitment for the last thirteen years on Saturday morning. I enjoy this commitment and will go back to it, I am sure. It is always there when I am ready. For now, home just seems like the nicest and best place to be. We have worked to build the peasant haven we call home. I am getting to know it in the morning again a little more. I have also made a personal rule that I only go to the grocery store twice a week and work with what I have at home. If I don't have it, I don't use it. That saves some time and money.

This morning, I have already transplanted some plants, read a couple chapters in a book, made a great smoothie: 2 bananas, a large mango, a very large pear, a whole orange, and an avocado. I had smoothie, coffee and conversation with my husband. I sat on my deck and enjoyed the sunshine, the new growth all around, and the birds this morning and I haven't worried about how I am dressed or if the dishes are done. Feels nice. I can go get some produce with my husband later today or when we go to Shelton tomorrow. Hmmm, relaxing at home doing what I love what a concept. DUH!

What a beautiful morning it is. There is some sunshine, but better than that, I am spending time in my garden after I finish this. Yes, in my garden. Everything is growing and looking strong this morning I found myself just sitting for a few minutes just looking at the plants and breathing in their beauty as I do in the outdoor garden. I have already transplanted some babies this morning. All the artichokes, 35 of them, are getting their own homes in little peat pots today. They have outgrown their seedling trays, or will very soon. In their place I am going to start some more herbs: oregano, sage, garlic chives, peas and maybe some tomatoes. I have been told by many experienced farmer's and gardeners that we will have an early spring and now is the time to get things going. A friend of mine mentioned, when I came up with this indoor seedling garden idea, that she envisioned my husband putting glass around my deck because my garden got too big. She may not have been that far off, I love this very much already.

So, I now need to "STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER" and get back to the babies and Saturday morning. If you need me this morning, I'm in the basement.

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