August 4, 2010

A Pearl in the City

We drove our granddaughter home, north of Seattle, Saturday.  It can be a long day, three and a half hours one way.  Both of us have back issues and need to stop at least every hour, sometimes more after a few hours of driving.  It takes us about nine hours or more to do the round trip.   We like to make some fun out of it and try to take little exploratory stops off the freeway at least once.  One of our stops was right off the highway in downtown Tacoma.  We wandered around a little bit and had an early dinner at a nice little vegan cafe.  It was late Saturday afternoon and downtown was very quiet.  There was no traffic and we had lots of room to roam and look around.  We came across a little community garden.  This was a very creative little spot.  The wall mural is right around the corner from the garden.  

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