August 5, 2010

Roasted Teriyaki Tuna

Rachel shared a fresh, never frozen, loin of tuna with me. What a lovely gift. This is what I did with it.

I have a roasted elephant garlic bulb that I roasted last weekend. I squeezed out a large clove of the roasted garlic paste and rubbed it all over a fresh loin of tuna. Then I marinated for about 40 minutes in teriyaki sauce. I added some chopped fresh pineapple, some small onions from the garden, and some sea salt. I roasted it for about 40 minutes. Served it with some slightly sauteed fresh golden zucchini, a couple thick sliced yams, some more fresh onions, the rest of the fresh pineapple, and some chopped fresh parsley. Garnished with fresh raw beet greens.

For dessert, I partially thawed some frozen Rainier Cherries. They're like little cherry popsicles. Great for a warm summer evening.

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