September 12, 2010

Garden Update September

It was a slow start and we didn't get to give away as much vegetables as last year, but the garden is booming now.  We've harvested probably three loads just like this one this week.  It's been a busy week of washing, preparing, storing, and finding homes for our garden goodies.  It's been fun though.  I have lots put up for the winter.  I don't think I will be visiting a grocery store as much as I did last winter.  While canning my sauerkraut made from our garden cabbage this weekend, I realized that I am entertained by watching a canner simmer or fresh ice cream churning. Funny.


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  2. I have not seen quinao (sp) in plant form, and searching the other photos do not compare. It looks so interesting. I buy the seed from the grocers. Thank you for sharing. Best photo ever! Thank you again!