November 11, 2010

The Flexitarian Cookbook is Here

Although I post mainly plant based dishes and recipes, I am a flexitarian.  That means I eat vegan and vegetarian most of the time with the occasional animal protein which is usually fresh seafood. I've posted some meals I've cooked in the past year and have mentioned I can't post the exact recipe because they are test recipes for an unpublished cookbook.  Well, it's published and for sale now: The Flexitarian Cookbook and I am very excited about it. All the recipes are made with whole fresh foods and are written to be made with and without meat. I only have one original recipe in the book because I could only think of one completely original recipe at the time they requested it.  I have tested many of these recipes and suggested changes though.  It's been a really fun project to be involved with.

It's 100% voluntarily produced and the proceeds go to two great charities, Slow Food USA and Yoga Bear

The Flexitarian Cookbook

It can be purchased at

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