November 2, 2010

Homegrown Bean Enchiladas

Homegrown because the beans are from the garden as well as many other ingredients.

I cooked white beans until almost soft but still have some texture.  I then made re-fried beans with a bit of coconut oil and mashed some of them.  I added a pint of Morgaine's black bean salsa and cooked that together for a few minutes.

The verde sauce:  Fresh tomatillos, green peppers, garlic, lime juice, cumin, sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Added a tablespoon of beans to a corn tortilla and a tablespoon of shredded almond chedder cheeze and jalapeño jack rice cheeze.  I put a layer of the verde sauce on the bottom of a 9x13 pan, rolled the enchiladas in the sauce and then poured the rest of the sauce on top of the prepared enchiladas.  I topped it with the cheeze and baked at 400 for about 40 minutes until the cheese was melted and toasty.

I made some chipotle creme with coconut creme, chipotle chili powder, cumin, cayenne, and lime juice.

These are vegetarian enchiladas.  I was hoping for vegan as I bought some almond and rice cheeses.  I have to read the packages better before I buy something at the market. I found out when I got home and took a closer look at the ingredients that they both contain casein.  That's milk protein. Of the many reasons I don't want to ingest cow's milk is the animal protein. Casein has been shown to increase the growth of certain cancers.  It's one of the very first studies discussed in the China Study. The nut cheeses I bought are healthier than dairy cheese since they don't have the fat and cholesterol and made with almonds and brown rice. But, I thought I was buying dairy free cheese.  I used them because I had already bought them, I am a flexitarian. Next time I guess should really just make the nut cheese myself.

I should remember one of Dr. Leslie Van Romer's food  rules: "If it has a package, I probably shouldn't be buying it."

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