November 26, 2010

Stuffed French Toast - Vegetarian Brunch

I am so glad my granddaughter gets to visit regularly. I spoke to my youngest son on the phone last night and he called her the "Empty Nest Patch."  That makes sense.

This morning the Thanksgiving weekend continues.  My sweetie has to work today, so I greeted him this morning with a nice breakfast.  One of my friends was talking about stuffed french toast at lunch a couple weeks ago.  We don't go out for breakfast very much, I'd not heard of it.  It sounded fun so I've been wanting to try it.  I thought Scott and Kaylee would enjoy it too.

I have some fresh ground peanut butter, frozen strawberries from when they were in season, some nice fresh whole grain bread, and some free range eggs. I whipped up some french toast batter and spread some peanut butter on the bread, laid three large strawberries in the middle of the sandwich.  I dipped the whole sandwich in the batter and grilled about 5 minutes on each side until the edges were brown and a bit crispy.

The batter:

Free Range Eggs
Coconut Milk Creamer
Orange Zest
a handful of shredded coconut

The filling is fresh ground peanut peanut butter and strawberries. (The strawberries were stored when they were in season.)

I heated frozen strawberries with about 2 TB of pure maple syrup and added some orange slices when it was hot.

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