November 26, 2010

Our Vegetarian Thanksgiving

I made the vegetarian "chic" pot pies and roasted yams for our Thanksgiving meal.

I'm looking forward to this for lunch today.  ;)

Not everything I try works out.  It took me three times to get the dairy free pumpkin pie to the consistency I am happy with.  The first try was OK, but still not to my liking.  This second one never set, it was good, but was really pumpkin pie pudding.  It didn't even get thick enough for mousse status, it's pudding.

I quit guessing and went looking around for a recipe. I finally found a recipe that worked out OK.  It's from a blog I follow called Gluten Free Goddess. I find lots of good recipes with whole ingredients and dairy free on this website.  I used the coconut-pecan crust and it turned out great.  The cashew cream is what bound it together to give it that pumpkin custard pie that I was looking for.  I added some homemade dairy free pumpkin pie ice cream and cashew coconut cream.

This is the first time in quite a few years we've had Thanksgiving at home.  Nice to have the leftovers around all weekend.

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