July 13, 2010


I love it that the cabbage look like big roses. :-)

I'm waiting anxiously like an excited little kid for my husband to come home in a few minutes so we can get out to the garden.  We didn't go yesterday and it is so funny that I miss it in only one day.  I have lots on my mind today and have wondering what I'd have to blog about.  When I realized the joy I just felt knowing that my best friend will be here soon and we can go do what we love, I figured out what to write about.  Joy!

I've posted this song before, but it is a song that makes me feel happy.  The people on the stage and in the crowd are our friends and family. Check out Mark Binyon on the piano. Whew!  We have danced many a night indoors and out to their music. Pescadero is where we had a son and began our life together. I am the girl at the local restaurant√® in the song. It's the only country song they play and it's hard to get them to do it anymore.

Enjoy the day!

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