July 11, 2010

Summer Fruit

Frozen cherries are great on a hot day.

I had too much fun at the farmer's market Saturday. The strawberries are almost over and I wanted to make sure I got some more before they are gone. The raspberries are plentiful and the blueberries are starting to show up everywhere. There were also some Washington apricots and cherries. I spent $120 at the market, that's quite a bit. I usually spend about $30-60 depending on what fruit is in season. The garden will lower that cost shortly.  Soon, I will be buying boxes of lovely Washington peaches and pears. As well as all the fruit, I did pick up much of our vegetable groceries too. There were fresh beets, carrots, cucumbers, corn, and just about everything we need to eat well for the week. I also bought some locally made chocolates and locally roasted coffee too. I almost don't have to go to the conventional grocery store at all this time of year.

I almost scared myself when I got home and saw all I had purchased. I was worried I wouldn't get it all processed. My husband was happy to help, he likes pitting cherries. We have a little cherry stoner he likes to use. We put a flat of blueberries, a flat of raspberries, 2 flats of strawberries, about ten pounds of cherries, and a huge batch of rhubarb sauce in the freezer this weekend. 

Kitchen freezer before they go to the Big freezer downstairs.

I like to put as much fresh fruit away in the freezer while in season so we have plenty of fresh fruit in the fall and winter too. I had fruit all the way up until January this year. I post a lot about dinner meals and desserts, but I don't talk too much about breakfast. That's because there isn't a whole lot to it. We eat a fruit smoothie everyday, no recipe, just whatever is available. I fill the blender with fruit, add a little water and blend. I used to put protein powders and flax oil, but finally just went with fresh fruit. I put an avocado in just about every day which makes it thick and creamy and the fat from the avocado keeps me satisfied until I have my morning snack of more fruit around 10:00 a.m. I think I have five servings of fruit everyday before I leave my house.

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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ... fresh cherries sound really good this morning.

    With candida, I don't indulge in a lot of fruit but I try to eat at least one fruit a day. Yesterday I ate more than normal and cherries were one of the fruits I ate.