February 6, 2011

Black Bean Pizza

Michele was talking about a pizza she tried that was really good last week.  She said she blended black beans, salsa, tomatoes for a sauce and used onions and black beans for a topping on  a sliced baguette.  She topped it with pepper jack cheese.  I thought it sounded pretty interesting so I tried one this weekend. I cooked a pot of black and red pinto beans for our meals this week. I drained and pureed about 1 cup of the beans with 1 pint of my tomatoes I canned this summer with about a cup of salsa.  I also added some cumin, oregano, and garlic cloves.

I thought about making my own pizza crust, but with this cold weather, I am not too confident in my dough rising as I'd like it. I used one of those pre-made, whole grain foccacia loaves with the jalapenos and cheddar cheese from the grocery store bakery. That's the only thing that makes this vegetarian and not vegan.  I split it open lengthwise and spread some of the sauce on both sides. On top of the sauce i added caramelized onions, some of the whole black beans, and some sun dried tomatoes I had.  I used daiya mozzarella cheese.  It's a vegan cheese made from tapioca and sprinkled a few red pepper flakes on top. 

I made enough sauce for another sometime this week.  Good thing, this one didn't last too long, it was good. 

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