February 6, 2011

Dairy Free Orange Creme Ice Cream & Pistachio Madeleines

Orange Creme Ice Cream & Pistachio Madeleines

I made a coconut milk, vanilla bean base for ice cream just like the Black Cherry Almond Ice Cream with the juice of four tangelos added instead of the cherry juice.  OMG I hit the orange cremesicle flavor.  I cleaned out the insides of four large tangelos and juiced them. I also stirred in the zest of one whole tangelo. After the ice cream base was made I stirred in the juice and let the mixture rest in the refrigerator. 

I used the tangelo shells for bowls and froze the ice cream in them.

I saw this recipe for Pistachio Madeleines on a blog I follow, Cook Almost Anything.

I made a couple changes by using xylitol instead of the white sugar in the recipe, used sucanat instead of brown sugar, and coconut butter instead of dairy butter.  These came out very nice. I think I might bring these to the next potluck in March. I used eggs this time, I have some good ones. I will try some egg substitutes to see what I can come up with for a vegan Madeleine sometime. I sprinkled them with some cinnamon sugar.

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