February 13, 2011

Lettuce, Radishes, & Herbs ~ Garden 2011

Future Lettuce (left dark mound), Herb Hill on the right
 Got a couple hours in the garden today. This is our third year out at the community garden and we learn a little more each year.  This year I am paying more attention to and keeping track of ground temperature.  Today the ground temp was around 50°.  We probably would have done better with the corn last year if we had planted it at the right time.  So far we've managed to get out and get a little weeding done and some kole crops going.  Today we planted some lettuce and radishes.  Scott cleared the weeds on herb hill.  We noticed the Lupine are already coming back.  The sage, thyme, oregano, and rosemary are showing some new green too.

 Columbine waking up for spring.

Kaylee had fun with the sunflower stalks.

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