March 21, 2010

Garden 2010

Well, we got what we wanted done in the garden yesterday, that's a good feeling. I did get some exercise out there yesterday. When I woke up this morning parts of me reminded me I did some twisting and bending I haven't done in awhile. But it was good. The weather was fairly nice and we enjoyed our afternoon out there, as always.

The garlic is in the ground. I think it's funny how it looks so big and strong with the other seedlings in the basement, but small and helpless out here. That will change.

We built a structure for the sugar snap peas to climb. The pea starts from my basement garden are way at the bottom of this fencing. There are about forty of them. Soon I hope to show you a picture of a curly green wall.

This will end up being a very good Before picture of one of the sections of the garden. Soon it will be busy with people planting all kinds of beautiful things. It's really fun to see all the different garden styles and the creativity of the various gardeners.

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  1. JUST LOOK at those tiny little bean things..... ;-)