March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday March 4th

We went to celebrate the seventh birthday of the  March Fourth Marching Band last night. It's a weeknight so we attended the earlier show at 6:00 p.m. geared toward kids and families. It was a great show, short people with wide eyes everywhere. There were lots and lots of beautiful children enjoying the music, the dancers, the stilt walkers, and circus antics. When the band started, there was a sea of little people on shoulders. Many of them dressed in costume for the event. The band members came out before the show and entertained the children by jumping rope with them. There was a section roped off in front for people under four feet tall. It was very lively, cute little dancers everywhere. We all learned a Bolliwood dance called Dehli Belli that March 4th will integrate into future shows. It was great fun. I got my exercise minutes in by moving and grooving to the music for an hour and a half.

And, the cutest couple I saw, a mother and daughter who really took some time to dress up for the event. I forgot to get their names, but this was the little one's second March 4th show.

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