March 26, 2010

Weeds, Soup, and Music

The weather was mild today, we are on the road to Aberdeen tomorrow, and it might rain Sunday so we hit the garden for a couple hours this afternoon, pulled some weeds and turned some grass. I found some healthy spinach plants that made it through the winter. I think there are about ten plants that are alive and well. I cleared their areas of weeds and gave them all a trim. There is a nice bowl of spinach ready to clean and use in our meals this weekend. We harvested something in March. What a trip!
One of last year's artichokes.
It has a beauty all it's own even tired as it is. It was a nice shade of pink last year.
After messing around in the mud and weeds, we went to a little coffee house around the corner, "The Intermission." We've been in a couple times before. They have a nice seafood chowder and it's close. It was getting close to a feed mom moment for both of us. 

When we got there we discovered it was a young musician's hangout on Fridays. Seems it was open mic night. The little place was getting filled with young people, some of them carrying guitars, drums, and keyboards. We got some of their seafood bisque, warm bread, and a coffee. Dinner out was only $15. We found a quiet table in the back room where we could watch and listen. We were two of the very few people over 25 years old.

The first young man played a song he said was popular before he was born, but liked it a lot. He played A Day in the Life by the Beatles. Then he played an Elton John song Levon. When he introduced the Elton song, he said it wasn't one of the popular ones, but he liked it. It was popular when I was their age. :-) (Oh no! I had it on an 8-track tape.) There were lots of musicians and singers in the crowd. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't think many of those young people had heard either of these songs well enough to sing them. What a treat for us though, having a nice meal with a lot of young people playing music we know and love. I wondered since it was a local crowd if any of those young adults were some of the kids at our house when they were five or six for a birthday party. Could be, it's a small town.

 Sunset in the Garden



  1. I love this coffee shop....they have a good group of people hanging out there:)

  2. I like the art too. I was glad the painting I have been looking at was gone. I have been tempted to go in and buy it. It wasn't a cheap one.