March 11, 2010

Herb Pallet

Here's a typical spot of my kitchen counter.

 From top left to right: Mortar and pestle for dried herbs, lavender oil, limon sea salt I picked up in Baja, Ginger Juice, Mortar and pestle for Celtic Sea salt, usually blended with herbs. Next row, left, an empty jar from an awesome sea salt and herb mixture. This was one of my first kitchen gifts from Morgaine's Kitchen Witchery. She was kind enough to list the ingredients on the jar. I liked it so much I leave it there to remember what to use when blending salt. In front of that is fresh ground pepper, a magnifying glass because some of my parts are getting older, then some fresh ground allspice, and cardamom. In the center is a sugar bowl with turbinado sugar. I had a guest over the holidays and needed some sugar for her tea. It will probably be months before it is completely used.

In the restaurant business we used to say clean up after yourself, don't leave "a trail." Here's my trail. This is evidence of the herbs and spices I used in the last week or so. My meals have sometimes been called 'food art.' I guess this is my herb pallet.

I went out to the garden spot yesterday. I hope the weather is good to us Sunday, we do have some work to do. There are still lots of plants from last year to get out and the soil needs some work. We did have a couple things make it through the winter. There are leeks and kohlrabi still growing.

So about the garden mouse, we set some traps and I replanted some more peas. My husband laughed at me because I also bought some bait, peanut butter. He wasn't laughing at the peanut butter, he thought it funny that I got freshly ground organic peanut butter for our mouse. That's just how I shop I guess. There were two mice that didn't make it to the planters last night. Don't worry, I am not posting that picture.

I also planted some salad greens last night. I still am amazed at how small some of these seeds are that grow into the big, beautiful full plants that they do.

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