March 12, 2010

Changes & Gifts

New & Improved bifocals and reading glasses. Very fitting a month before another birthday. I thought it kind of funny when I went to visit an old friend, who is only a year older, and he had reading glasses in every room. I now have a pair for work and a pair for home as well as the bifocals. At least I have them. I am grateful to be having those birthdays too considering where I've been and where I could be.

Friday and looking forward to a stormy weekend. Going to see Marty in a different location. He is now in Aberdeen, WA. I used to go through there to Ocean Shores quite often for conferences, events, and retreats with friends. Ocean Shores, a place on the coast I love in the winter. I like to get up early and go out to the shore and watch the fierce winter wave action. We will make it a nice weekend, stopping off in Westport overnight to relax and explore the wildlife.

I must say, we have really made some good use out of these drives and spent some quality time together while visiting the various locations our son has found himself in. For four months we went to Astoria, Oregon to visit him most weekends. Added to all the court dates, we were there sometimes twice a week. We got to know Astoria so well some people thought we lived there. We found the The Blue Schorcher Bakery Cafe. Astoria has a great farmer's market. A very nice place to have a Sunday morning walk or lunch made with local ingredients with musicians playing in background. We packed some food and ate lunch and dinner along the river in many beautiful places. Our trips to and from Shelton have been peaceful and we found many places to wander in the woods and take some nice photos. Now, we will be off to Aberdeen every other weekend. It's about a two hour drive, but a very beautiful drive.

 Near Shelton, WA

Yesterday I received a piece of treasure in my email box. My granddaughter, six years old Monday, decided to cut her hair and give it to Locks of Love. Her mom sent me the event in photos. I'm a proud Grandma! What a gift we have been given in her.

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