April 7, 2010

Dilemna & Decision

Wow, all set to go on the People's Coop tour of organic farms on June 6. I am very excited to do this.

"After departing from People's, we will make our way to our first farm, Sunbow Farms. Coffee and tea will be provided to wake up our sleepy eyes as we venture into the rural farmlands of Oregon. Filled with new, inspiring information after visiting Sunbow Farms, we will board the bus for Wandering Aengus to wander the grounds, taste their wine and cider and enjoy a delicious seasonal, local lunch. After eating, chatting and relaxing we will make our final stop at Mustard Seed Farms in St. Paul before heading back to Portland. The drive back will be punctuated with raffle drawings to use at the co-ops and other prizes from local farms and businesses."

Then I opened my email box and Facebook today to find: The Vegan Iron Chef competition on the same day in Portland. I have emailed the volunteer coordinator to find out if I can get in as a prep cook or any kind of kitchen participation. I think I will have to change my plans for this. We'll see. I know my husband will understand if I do this and not the farm tour with him.

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