April 11, 2010

Saturday and Family

Started the day with a shot of the sunrise in Hawaii. My oldest son, Robert, is in Kaneohe Bay training to leave for Afghanistan in a couple weeks. Text messages are a beautiful thing. During the morning we exchanged some text conversations and later in the day he sent me a few sunset pictures. I felt like I got to spend some time with both my sons yesterday.

Sunrise at Kaneohe Bay

We need to see Marty for ourselves as much as he needs the visits. His troubles have dictated what we do with a bit of our time. I do miss being able to ramble around the countryside when and where we would like to go on the weekends. But, it's all about love and family, I'd go everyday, if I needed to. Driving to Aberdeen, spending time with Marty, and driving back does take a big chunk out of Saturday. The day starts off pretty good, I get some chores done, make a large salad and pack some food for the trip. We have found it's a little difficult to eat how we want to on the road. When we don't eat so well, we always have some salad and fresh fruit in the car. We've found some pretty awesome places to stop and enjoy a meal along the way on these trips. We leave about 2:00 pm and don't get home until almost 11:00 pm. By the time we get home it seems the whole day is spent sitting, driving, stretching, and more driving.

We try to make it as enjoyable as possible. We always make a little time to stop and breath in Earth's beauty a little and take some photos. This time we did things a little differently. I drove and Scott played with his camera along the way. My local friends will recognize most of these shots.

It's Sunday and the sun is shining. I've started a pot of black beans. I think I'll make some black bean enchiladas later. I made a nice crab fritatta for breakfast, I'll post the details later. For now, we are out to enjoy the sunshine and work on that garden.

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