April 20, 2010

Monday in Tennessee

Yesterday I took a trip to Tennessee with my sister, Marcie, and my niece, Stephanie. We went to "The Farm", a farm community established in 1970 with the goal of establishing a strongly cohesive, outwardly-directed community. Their goal is to have, by action and example, a positive effect on the world. There are many businesses on the farm including their own publishing company. I took home some of their work, some vegetarian cookbooks, a tofu cookery book, a couple spiritual books, and some art. The art is in the way of hand painted greeting cards, my way of collecting art.

It's a complete community with many businesses of their own. Among them is an ecovillage training center that offers internships, conferences and workshops on permaculture, construction based on natural materials, organic gardening, and other sustainable technologies. They have their own school and have been home to two generations. There is a farm midwifery center that has delivered over 3,000 babies since 1970. There are many more businesses: a "Farm Soy Dairy" that began producing tofu and soy milk in 1973, a tempeh lab, a legal office, a yoga studio, and quite a few more. This is a truly self-sustaining community.

I felt very comfortable there as it reminded me so much of the community my husband and I lived in when we met. I spent some time talking to a few of the long term residents. It was a fascinating tour for me. It was also like going back in time.

It was a very beautiful drive out there. What I've seen of Tennessee is very green and spacious.

Tomorrow, it's a road trip to Illinois to see the girls and Thomas. My sister has three lovely daughters, a granddaughter, and a son I haven't seen in about four or five years. Looking forward to spending my birthday with these fun ladies.
Denise, Adrianna, Justine, & Stephanie

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