April 15, 2010

On Holiday

I love my job, it keeps my brain active and I am never bored. I get to learn something new every day. I am also very comfortable with the people I spend the biggest part of my day with. I do know the fact that I had the job and a place to go everyday, with people I know care, was a big help getting through my son's constant surprises with the law last year. I can take vacations too. There is just something about the day vacation begins that just feels great. Knowing I get to leave and have some adventure out of the daily routine for a whole week is just awesome.

I'll be spending my birthday with my sister and four people who call me Aunt Debbie. Oops, almost forgot it's five now, I get to meet the two year old great niece, Adrianna. This time I get to go places I have never been, Tennessee, Alabama, Kentucky, parts of Illinois, and Indiana. It's spring and I am excited to go to a different part of the country I haven't been before and see what kind of goodies are sold in their farmers' markets. I am hoping to keep the blog up on my vacation. You can follow me as I spread my own little food revolution across the country this next week.

First, a couple of days enjoying home. My vacation begins with a visit from Uncle Bill. The closest thing my husband has to a brother, they have been friends since first grade. He's a very dear friend and a part of our family. We'll be off to get pedicures and then music and poetry tonight with some more friends.  Off to the train station to fetch Uncle Bill.

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  1. Not a great cook, but trying, your recipes look delish!