April 20, 2010

Marcie's Garden and Playin' in the Kitchen

When I woke up this morning, I decided I should be cooking dinner for all and helping get that garden going as that is what I love to do and I am here to enjoy a little life with my sister's family and well, feeding people is what I enjoy doing.  I voted to stay around the house and just enjoy life together. She does have a very lovely setting. There is a small lake/pond behind her house. I have seen geese fly in to visit every morning. I finally had my camera this morning and the batteries died. Better luck tomorrow. There's also a beaver hut on the bank. I guess every time someone plants a tree in their backyard, it ends up as part of this hut.

 The Beaver's House

Last night they took me to a southern barbecue restaurant. One thing I have to mention is something I thought I would never see in a restaurant. They served Wonder Bread in a basket with barbecue sauce, a red and a white barbecue sauce made with mayonnaise, the red was better, but they sure like their vinegar here. This was a great example of how not to eat. Having never been to the south, I thought I should at least take a peek at some of the local faire. The restaurant was very fun, the people were nice, and the atmosphere very friendly. Loved the rules.

Wonder Bread with Dinner, Hmm?

Back to today, my niece wanted to go to an historic event in downtown Huntsville called, Constitution Village. We did go there, but we did a little food preparation before and after.  I did what I do, I made some beans, some stuffed foccacia bread, and a  vegetable polenta bake. With some guidance my niece made vegan cole slaw, vegan chocolate pecan cookies, and a diary free strawberry cheeze cake with cashew coconut cream. We had a great time together.  She loves to cook and usually does the family Thanksgiving dinner. She's never cooked vegan before and liked everything we made. I left her with all the recipes and hope she calls and asks for more.
Stephanie, Happy Vegan Chef Today

And Marcie got her garden going. Such teamwork! I hope they send me pictures as it grows.


  1. That first shot takes my breath away. It's beautiful!

  2. Every morning a flock of very colorful geese stopped by for breakfast. They landed as if they had a plan, one at a time. Wasn't quick enough with the camera, but the picture is stashed in my mind.