April 24, 2010

Home & Peace - The Gardens

I am a lucky and grateful woman. I know there is a lot of love in my life. I've done some traveling, bonding, loving, laughing, and even a little crying. I've put a few traveling miles on my body and heart. My sister, my niece, and I meandered through four states together in a few days. A couple of those states we went to twice. We spent at least 700 miles in a car together this last week. We shared a lot of love and saw many wonderful sites. It was a memorable experience but, I am whirling emotionally and physically today. In a good way though, my sister and I get closer to understanding each other every time we see each other. It's not always easy, we have some different opinions about life, as we should. We've lived on different sides of the country for so many years and traveled different paths. This is a learning process. One of my most favorite parts of the experience was getting to know my niece, Stephanie. I didn't get to be with my nieces and nephews when they were children growing up and I feel like I am close with one of them now. I hope we continue joining each others journey from time to time and with less time in between.

I need to rest and be calm and creative. I am glad I don't have to work until Monday. I have a beautiful weekend to relax and decompress from such a long trip. I am so grateful for my life and home. There is so much love and beauty around without going to far to look for it. The sun is shining and I am breathing in the beautiful gardens around us. I just have to walk around my house and yard to find calming beauty. It doesn't take long for me to feel the healing. I noticed I was dancing in the kitchen to some great music this morning. I am going to spend the weekend quiet and calm. A quick run to the farmer's market and the produce stand and our off-site garden are all I want to see this weekend other than my warm home. A bit of turning on the tunes and creating in the kitchen is in order too.

Just a short walk around my home and breathing in all the colorful beauty popping up in the sunshine warmed my heart pretty quickly. The plants in the greenhouses are getting ready for outdoors. My friends gave me "time" for my birthday this year. My husband and Bill repaired the front door which was years overdo. Scott planted the corn starts on my birthday. Rachel worked to find my backyard again. I have not seen my steps in the backyard for a long time. I do remember standing at the top of them last year with a broken leg sad because I couldn't use them. I think I kind of forgot about them. What a wonderful birthday present. Thank you Scott, Bill, & Rachel!

Walk in Love
There is a lot of love in my life.

"Life is Like
stepping into a boat
which is about to sail
out to sea and sink."

Suzuki Roshe

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  1. Suzuki Roshe on drowning, eh? Love it! ;-)

    You found the BEE! :)

    Peace out, my friend.