April 13, 2010

Vacation - What to Bring, What Will I Cook?

I am finally getting in the spirit and beginning to pack for my trip to see my sister. We are fifteen months apart and the oldest of five siblings. I'm the oldest and then she comes next. We had a pretty turbulent childhood and we all went our separate ways as soon as high school was over. We were apart for over 25 years until 2000. Since then we have managed to meet somewhere in the US and enjoy each others' company every two years. We've been to Orlando together, Normal, Illinois, North Hollywood twice, and she came here where we had a great weekend together in Seaside, OR. This time the trip begins in Nashville, Tennessee. She moved to Madison, Alabama a couple years ago and I guess Nashville is the closest airport. Oh darn, huh?!? I have never been to Nashville, not that I ever had it on my list, but it's probably pretty interesting for a couple hours.

She has recently had gastric bi-pass surgery and doing well. I am hoping to prepare some great plant based food that she will enjoy and hopefully make after I leave. Spreading my own personal food revolution. We are going to start her garden, photos to come for sure, and visit The Farm Community in Summertown, TN. I am looking forward to visiting the Farm quite a bit. I am hoping to buy some plants for her garden there. I know I will probably end up with a new book or three on that adventure. Then about Wednesday we are off to Normal, Illinois to visit her four young adult children and meet her two year old granddaughter. I am always glad I can go to Normal. I get to see what Normal looks like now and then. Hee Hee Hee

As I am planning my belongings I realized the first thing I started doing was making copies of recipes and getting things out like Agar, Agave, whole pepper, Celtic sea salt, dry herbs. etc. I just thought, how many people do you know that pack their kitchen supplies first when going on vacation?

Anyway, time to go play in the garden. Happy Days!


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  1. Have a good time. I was in Nashville this last fall. Fun place. The music at BB Kings Blues Club is wonderful...good food too.