April 8, 2010

Wednesday Gardening

I set some sweet corn to germinate yesterday afternoon. The sunflowers and marigolds shot up in just three days. I cold treated the seeds in the refrigerator for over a month as directed in my seedling manual. I didn't see much difference in the seeds when I set them in the soil. It must have made a difference. I was surprised how fast they grew to three inches. I just planted them Sunday.

Tiger Eye Sunflowers
Four days after setting the seeds in the soil.

We went out to the garden last night. In our haste to get out there while it was still daylight, we forgot to put the tools in the car. A pair of gloves and one spade between us we pulled some weeds and cleared a little more space for our plants. Hoping the weather cooperates soon, my garden may be getting bigger than I expected in the basement.

I hope more of the fennel come up. I only have three that made it. Planted some more seeds this weekend. They are such pretty little plants.

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