May 7, 2010

Cookie Face

I really did have a good day for the most part. Work went very well, I felt the warm sun on my skin today, and had some fun in my home doing what I want. I relaxed this evening with a little music, some crocheting, playing in our green house, and doing some "mom" stuff. Just because the kids aren't around doesn't mean I can't celebrate Mother's Day. I made some Gluten Free Orange Pecan Shortbread Cookies, some healthy comfort food. My husband doesn't usually care for shortbread, but he liked these very much. Instead of wheat flour I used some potato starch and tapioca flour. Only one egg yolk for the whole batter and a couple tablespoons almond milk, there is very little dairy in these cookies. I chopped some roasted pecans I got in Alabama, and added the zest from one orange in the batter.

Cookie Face
Some people have imaginary friends. I bake mine, Gluten Free. :-)

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