May 14, 2010

Herbs, Corn, & Butternut Squash

What a beautiful sunny day it was yesterday.  The sun was warm and we got two full hours in the garden.  Planted some corn, butternut squash, some broccoli, mustard lavender, sage, radishes, and some sunflowers. I am hoping for a lot of gardening this weekend, the sun is supposed to be with us all weekend. It will be good for my body and soul to be outside working in the dirt.  Yesterday I think I went all two hours in the garden without speaking. When I realized that, I tried to listen to the quiet.

Bob is off to Afghanistan this morning, he left last night.  I woke to a voice mail telling me he loved me and will call when he can.  I seem to be having some sort of strange peace inside.  Not bad, not good, I'm just quiet inside.  I am not going to question this, it's OK.  I know there is a wall of frustration and fear right behind this quiet.  I'm going to start the day with a deep muscle massage which gives me some meditation time.  I anticipate a nice day at work.  I have a couple projects and it will be quiet.  The first Fridays of warm weather tend to give people reasons to work or play out of the office.  I am hoping to be done a little early to get some more time in the garden.  Easy Does it Today.

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