May 15, 2010

Flowers for the Garden

I am waiting for my husband to arrive home from work so we can get out into the sunshine and the garden.  Made my trip to the farmer's market.  I got some pretty little Orange flowers to plant in various spots to attract the butterflies and just look nice. I am going to concentrate on seeds today, beets, carrots, some lettuce, and who knows what else. Weeding will be part of the day, I'm sure of that. I planted some herbs, basil & oregano in a strawberry pot for the garden we have going in the back of a pickup at home. I'll post some photos when it gets together.
When I was leaving the farmer's market, I felt a drop on my arm. Well, unfortunately it wasn't rain. :-) But, it did make me look up and I saw a perfect rainbow completely surrounding the sun. This was the best photo I could get with my little camera, but it did make me take a moment to notice, breath, and be thankful for being alive today.

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