May 19, 2010

Spring Rain

We have rain today, lots of rain.  I don't mind too much, I do like our rain sometimes and our garden will appreciate it.  Nice day to stay inside and cozy.  I have a good book to read and I think I am going to take it easy.  I'd like to be out at the garden, but we have put in some good time.  We have a great start already.  We also have some indoor gardening to do.  There are quite a few seedlings that could use some larger containers already.

Eight Ball Zucchini—Little round zucchini balls great for stuffing        
Cantaloupe— Last year I couldn't get any seeds to germinate. :-)

Yesterday began with rain, but we were lucky enough for dry weather by the time we got off work. When my husband got home all he had to was smile and say  "It's not raining..." I knew why he said that and promptly put on my jeans to get out to the dirt. We stayed out there until almost 9:00 p.m. We worked on our bean trellis. I am hoping in a few weeks I can show you this picture again with the trellis on it's way to being covered in beautiful green leaves. I want to put some small logs inside for a place to sit and maybe even hang a couple flower baskets. 

The sunset last night should have been a clue how the today turned out. I am so impressed at the many colors in the sky last night. 

Peace Friends


  1. Love the bean trellis! We're still getting more of that Spring Rain today, eh? I even heard the Thunder in the distance. :-)

  2. Well, it is wet out there, I just went to check the garden. Plants are doing well. The tomatoes aren't the happiest, they like it dry and warm.

    That's OK, I picked up a big bag 'O playdirt and will be transplanting tonight. A little indoor gardening. So, if someone stops by and there is no answer, check the basement/greenhouse. :-)