May 31, 2010

May Garden Update

My favorite outfit—Dirty Knees
Saturday brought us some sunshine in the afternoon.  Yesterday was rainy off and on, but not enough to keep us indoors.  The garden is coming along just fine.  We have some more ground to plant, but there is already lots of progress.  We got some of the last of the tall weeds out yesterday and readied the ground for more seedlings.  There was some spinach hiding in the weeds that was as thick as celery.  I almost didn't recognize it.  The little green frog we see saw in early spring is still hanging around.  I noticed some purple beans popping their little heads out of the ground, starting to see some radishes, and the artichokes are very healthy.  I am planting more flowers than I did last year.  I want a little more color all over the garden this year.

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